European Testing

Coating is the final material, mainly organic, applied to a substrate to form a film/layer, mainly to protect or to impart a technical function.
  • Coatings for metal packaging
  • Flexible packaging coatings
  • Heavy-duty coatings
Be compliant with:
  • Restrictions and specification in the positive lists
  • OML = 10 mg/dm2, or 60 mg/kg food (containers of 0.5- 10 L)

The USA Testing

In the USA, food contact materials fall within the scope of the FDA. There exists no special approval for coatings like in Europe. Although precise specifications regarding the applicable raw materials for some technical applications have been made in the Code of Regulations (CFR), household goods for personal use are exempt. We provide testing for the coating, which make sure your products are compliant with CFR 21 regulations.