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STQ Lab | Tailor-Made Testing (Customized Testing) in China

Tailor-Made Testing (Customized Testing)

Compared to Mandatory Tests or Standard Tests, more and more Amazon sellers are turning to customized product tests to gain an extra competitive advantage.

STQ Lab | Hazardous Substances Testing (PFAS) in China

Hazardous Substances Testing (PFAS)

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large class of thousands of synthetic chemicals that are used throughout society. They contain carbon-fluorine bonds, which are one of the strongest chemical bonds in organic chemistry. This means that they resist degradation when used and also in the environment. Most PFAS are also easily transported in the environment covering long distances away from the source of their release.

STQ Lab | Food Contact Materials Testing in China

Food Contact Materials Testing

Contact material compounds can migrate from the materials used in food and beverage packaging into the products themselves, accumulating and posing a risk for consumers or affecting the quality of the product.

STQ Lab | Home appliance Testing in China

Home appliance Testing

Quality and safety standards set strict requirements for small appliances such as kitchen utensils, personal hygiene devices and large appliances used every day in households around the world. Independent and neutral testing by a recognized provider ensures, that products meet industry quality expectations and regulatory safety standards.

About Us

A Professional Lab for Tailor-Made Testing

Nowadays STQ (Foshan) lab conducts over 100,000 tests per year, providing a wide range or testing services according to European and American regulations. Benefits you will have as below.

  • Accreditation for major global markets (Europe & Americas)
  • Maintain Market Competitive Advantage
  • Increasing Customer's confidence high-quality products
  • Free sample collection and consolidated testing/inspection
  • Average 20% cost savings compared to current testing providers
STQ Lab | A Professional Lab for Food Contact Materials




STQ Lab | Mr. Chen Lin - General Manager
Our Team

Mr. Chen Lin

General Manager

  • Major: Chemical Testing Engineer
    Master Degree from Suzhou University

  • Major: Chemical Engineering and Technology
    Bachelor of Engineering from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)

Working experience:

  • CMA & CNAS Authorized Signatory
  • Chemical Testing Director
  • Bureau Veritas Testing Supervisor
  • Laboratory Testing Director
  • RoHS Testing Engineer

Why Us?

  • Professional: Internationally recognized, including Europe, North & South America
  • Qualified: Accreditation by All Major Markets including Europe, North & South America
  • Easy: Free Sample Picking, One-Stop Service from Lab Testing to On-Site Inspection
  • Transparent & Economical: Save 20% in testing costs vs. your current testing solutions
  • Free Consulting: Free inquiry and consultant for products testing standard


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